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Dungeon Master Tool: Random Long Rest Encounters


Here’s a handy little random generator to help add flavor the next time your players take a long rest. 

Roll a d10 to see if any occur or choose from the list based on which one makes the most sense.

d1 – What does the fox say? You are woken by a sudden, piercing scream. It stops and then starts again–terrible and violent as its echo rings through your camp. After your players navigate closer to the sound (depending on stealth rolls) they will find a fox is the source of these noises.

d2 – Beautiful but deadly. Behind your eyelids you see a pulsing of light. Upon opening you see a sea of small glowing orbs hovering above you as they migrate through. One descends lightly touching your nose and you feel a shock. These are a Will-o-Wisps (see Monster Manual).

d3 – A bird and a 5lb Coconut. You’re awoken by a muffled thud on the ground right next to your ear. You see a coconut on the ground and look above to see a bird flying away. Weird, coconuts usually don’t grow in this region.

d4 – Fortune favors the bold. [Whoever is on watch] You hear the light strumming of a mandolin coming from nearby. As you follow the delicate song, you see a caravan with a lantern outside. If the player turns back to wake the others, the caravan will be gone. If they go alone, they will see a woman sitting at the table. “What do you seek?” she asks. “Power, fame, or riches?”

  • If power – They awake with an upgrade to their weapon (DM’s discretion)
  • If fame – They awake with a hat of disguise.
  • If riches – They awake with 10GP in their pocket.

d5 – Midnight snack. Whoever is on watch, roll a perception check to see if they hear the pack of wolves circling in on their party.

d6 – Ghost stories. A spectral being wanders into your camp with a tale to tell about what he ate on the last day he was alive.

d7 – Cultists? You see a procession of hooded figures with lanterns walking in the distance, humming a dissonant song.

d8 – Make a wish. You see a shooting star.

d9 – Taking in the natural splendor. Whoever is on watch: You see the sun peak over the horizon and you take in all its beauty. Gain 1 inspiration.

d10 – What’s dead may never die. Make a perception check. Succeed: There is a magical electricity in the air tonight. Arcana check. Succeed: Feels like necromancy. The dead from a nearby graveyard come to life.

If you like this entry, let me know and I’ll make more.

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