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Happy #BookLoversDay


Happy #BookLoversDay

Worlds upon worlds upon worlds discovered and countless lives lived. It’s through books that we grow closer to one another–seeing how others experience.

Books are a means of discovery on a multitude of levels. They allow us to experience interactions, situations, and societies from the eyes of another who may be different or quite similar to us.

In either case, these experiences can feel real (under the prose of the right author), gifting us with a more empathetic eye or a sense of comfort that there’s someone else who is like us out there–even if it may be in another dimension.

We are all different and we are not alone.

At RoberCon, we’ll be exploring a multitude of worlds and perspectives through our special guests and a number of publishers, artists, and creators who will be tabling during the weekend. We’ll be diving into how these places are made and how the characters in these worlds were molded by them (and how they potentially rage against them).

What are you reading OR writing?
We’re currently diving into the alternate history world of Anne Bishop’s Other series.

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