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RoberCon 2019 Updates!

What’s new at RoberCon you ask? Here’s everything new, improved, and upcoming at Binghamton’s fan convention. (We thinks you’ll approve.)
Tabletop gaming. Gaming will be integrated into the main convention building–no separate fee to enter. Convention-goers will be able to play a game from the library with friends or join a scheduled session.
More workshops. We heard a lot of love for the writers workshops last year. We took a poll and decided to add a few more things! Guests will be able to learn crafting, whether it’s with words or chainmaille.
(We’re also hosting a mini-chainmaille workshop on April 5 if you’re interested.)
Badge sale. Mark your calendars, because badges will be going on sale (at a special early bird price) on May 1.
Vendor registration. Businesses can register for tables as soon as May 1. Tables with 8′ x 8′ space start out $175 and go up from there. We’ll be giving first dibs to people who came last year and have messaged us with interest this year. If you’d like to be added, shoot a message.
Sponsor this event. If you’d like to support this event while also advertising your business to our amazing audience, feel free to check out our sponsor packages, which are designed organically maximize brand visibility in a way that really pops. (We’re not about throwing you in with a sea of other logos where you could get lost.) Contact Natalie ( directly if you have any questions.
Panel idea submission. Have an amazing topic, demonstration, or discussion you’d like to run at RoberCon? This convention puts on everything from Q&As with Guests of Honor, deep dives into the cultural significance of Black Panther, and gossip panels on favorite fandoms. Email your pitch to Chris at
Love it? Like it? 
This convention is for fans by fans, so shoot us a message here or on social media if you have something we should take into consideration.
Thanks to our main event sponsor for RoberCon 2019
Visions Federal Credit Union
Thanks to our Cosplay Contest sponsor
GHS Federal Credit Union

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