Find out what’s happening at RoberCon 2018.

Choose from a number of tabletop games to play with new friends in our gaming room. Plus check out our writing track, where you can learn about writing from our special guest authors. 

Latest panels

From Verity to Jodie: The Women of ‘Doctor Who’

Fighting the ‘Infinity War’: Marvel’s Heroes Unite At Last

The Real Ghost Hunters: A Q&A with Empirical Paranormal

In the Zone: ‘The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine’

All Alone in the Night: 25 Years of Babylon 5

A Pioneering Mind of Television: The Life and Times of Rod Serling

MuggleNet GNOMEs ‘Harry Potter’ Trivia Challenge

Marvel vs. DC on TV: Clash of the Comic-Book Titans

Bye-Bye, Beach City: Saying Farewell to ‘Steven Universe’

Future Echoes: 30 Years of ‘Red Dwarf’

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This year several of our featured guests will be offering workshops to help budding writers build an ecosystem where their characters can confront conflict and tell their story.

Planetarium Shows

There are so many questions and challenges space has to offer. Could asteroids hold the key to humanity’s expansion and survival on other worlds? Could an international contest help us get back to the moon? 

Come explore space’s wondrous opportunities and dangers during several planetarium shows during RoberCon.

RoberCon After Dark

After the RoberCon halls close on 5pm on Saturday, the carriage house game room will be staying open for an evening of tabletop games and good times.

Geek’s Guide to Binghamton

Whether you’re LFG or looking to explore, find friends and astounding curiosities through our Geek’s Guide to Binghamton.

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