Costume Contest

Come to the Grand Ballroom of the Roberson Mansion for our costume contest!

RoberCon Cosplay

The costume contest is divided into three categories based on age and experience level: Youth (age 14 and under), Novice (ages 15+), and Expert (winners of two or more costume contests at other conventions).

A Winner and runner up will be declared in each of the three categories.

The costume contest is currently scheduled for Sunday at 2 – 4pm.

A note on cosplay: All weapons must be peace-bound. No nudity, please. Also, we want everyone to feel comfortable at RoberCon, so please be mindful and don’t touch or take pictures of someone unless given permission to do so. 

2017 RoberCon winners from the Expert category.
2017 RoberCon winners
2017 RoberCon winner from the Youth category.

More information about sign-ups coming soon…