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Vendors and Fan Groups

There are a number of diverse vendors and fan groups tabling every year at RoberCon–whether your passion is tabletop gaming, books, cosplay, or what lies beyond the veil of this world… There’s something here for every kind of fan.


Explore their wares and hang out with them on Discord.


Vendors in attendance:
GrayElf Graphics
The Mad Violinist returns! Edgar will entertain you while you browse through animal, sci-fi and fantasy themed art. We have canvases, critter badges, anime prints, critter tails, wooden animals, blacklight paintings, Halloween-themed and creepy art, exotic-looking violins and much more! Custom art made to order, songs played on request.

Holley Noelle Robison, Author
I am an author selling four of my books, as well as t-shirts and stickers related to my books.

Jesus. Cats. Tacos: A Disarming Journey – Tells the story of how I lost my arm

Misadventures of a Famous Fangirl – Tells the story of Emma Randall whose best friends with a celebrity who is a fangirl.

The Gift of a Friend – tells the story of Harper Elias whose famous and deals with fame and her faith.

Jason and the Draconauts
What happens when dragons return in the 21st century? Montana teen Jason Hewes finds out in this contemporary fantasy series where magic and technology meet in an action packed, humorous adventure.

KinSoul Studio
Board game designers and producers of immersive and thematic tabletop games for your collection. Will be selling our two games: “Alkemia: Destiny’s Recipe” and “Steepseers”, along with related swag items.

Luke Hranek Art
Fine art indulging pattern-seeking properties of human perception. Prints and originals available.

Ponterio Tabletop Goods & Illustration
Offering dice bags with matching face masks, as well as open commissions for character illustrations.

Rittanby Design
This year at Robercon, Rittanby Design is excited to offer custom typographic designs in a variety of forms! Check out the art prints, glassware, stickers, apparel, and more. Do you design your own games? Feel free to reach out and discuss what Rittanby Design can do for you.

Zombies Need Brains LLC
ZNB is a small press, so most of our merchandise is Sci-Fi/ Fantasy books/anthologies. We also sell posters of our cover art and other ZNB related merchandise (t-shirts, stuffed animals, baseball caps, totes, etc).


Fan Groups in attendance:

Medieval swords and sorcery Live Action Role-Play (LARP).

BC Roller Derby
The Broome County Rollers are Binghamton’s only all-gender flat-track Roller Derby league. We accept juniors (13+) and adults of all skating experience to learn and spread this wonderful full-contact sport on skates.

Extra Life Syracuse Guild
We’re local volunteers using our gaming to raise critical funds for Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital. We’d love to show people how with social distancing they can still be Extra Life-ing. Especially ways to connect with friends and family to keep tabletop gaming. We’d have people from the guild around all weekend for the channel.

Empirical Paranormal
We are an experienced paranormal research and investigative team out of Broome County. We are Community Paranormal Specialists (CPS) that have the knowledge, information, and procedures in place to assist, help, and resolve issues and problems for our clients.

Guardians MH
Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for any persons by offering easily accessible mental health resources and promoting awareness in an informed and inclusive atmosphere.

Kingdoms of Novitas LARP
Medieval fantasy live-action role-playing game. We will be promoting our game and teaching RoberCon attendees about LARPing.

Phantom Visions Paranormal
A team of paranormal investigators.

School Librarians of the Southern Tier – East
We are a group of local school librarians who meet to share ideas and best practices for promoting our library programs and increasing literacy for our students. Our main focus at our table is to offer free science fiction and fantasy books and comics to all preK-12 students who attend RoberCon! We also offer on-the-spot book recommendations.

The United Federation,Inc.
A non-profit group that aims to promote the humanistic philosophies and ideals portrayed in many fandom mythos in a realistic fashion, conductive to the continued existence and responsible advancement of humankind.

UFV Vengeance
The Fan Group The UFV Vengeance is a STAR TREK based Group that meets monthly in the Binghamton NY area. We believe that by joining fans of all fandoms in one community, and directing our energy to Humanitarian Efforts, we can make the world a better place. One community at a time.

U.S.S. Serling
Star Trek and general sci-fi fan group.