Game Design Workshop

Do you have an idea for a board or card game? Do you know what you need to do to get it published? At this informal workshop you can learn how to make your game better, how to develop, test, and sell your game. You are welcome to bring your ideas and prototypes with you!

Dan Hundycz, CEO of DPH Games Inc. in Corning N.Y.

Published – (Cache Me If You Can!, Cache Me If You Can! Card Game, Psychological Warfare, CATS a sad but necessary cycle of violent predatory behavior, In Tents, Affliction: Salem 1692, and Agent 299)

In development – (Legacy at Sea, Yokai Hunters, and Casting Call)

Board Games in the Mansion

Come to the Roberson Mansion library on the second floor of the museum for a few hours of board games. Bring your own games or play one of ours!

Here are just a few titles that will be available:
Forbidden Island
One Night Ultimate Werewolf
Marry Mr. Darcy
Boss Monster

**This event is Free**