What is RoberCon?

RoberCon is a comic book, sci-fi, and board game convention, which takes place every year in downtown Binghamton, NY.

This Con differs from others in the sense that proceeds from this event go directly back into educational outreach initiatives through Roberson Museum (where the Con is held).

Where is RoberCon?

Anther way this Con differs from others is in its unique location. It’s held every year at Roberson’s Museum and historic mansion in Binghamton, NY.

So, you’ll get to take pictures in cosplay in a Gilded Age Mansion and super cool museum.

What can I expect to do at RoberCon?

So many things! First off, commune with a group of people who share your passion for [insert fandom here].

We have panels hosted by artists and writers, an entire floor devoted to tabletop and board games, special guest author appearances, and much more.

Still have questions? Email robercon@roberson.org