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What to do

This year’s RoberCon (September 26 & 27) is going virtual! The majority of the convention will be held on Discord and Zoom.

Discord is free for everyone to join in watch parties, games, purchase from vendors, and connect with fan groups.

Zoom is where panels and workshops will be hosted. Invite links will be sent via email to those who paid for a virtual badge.


A final program schedule will be posted on this page in September. For now you can check out what we generally have planned for the convention ahead.

Cosplay Contest (Zoom)

The costume contest is divided into four categories based on age, experience level, and number of participants: Youth (ages 14 and under), Novice (ages 15+), Expert (winners of two or more costume contests at other conventions), and Group (includes two or more people).

The costume contest is currently scheduled for Sunday at 2 – 4PM on Zoom. The cosplay contest will be free for everyone to watch.

Being that we’re going online this year, we are asking cosplay contestants submit their outfits via photo or short video. We will stream the submissions with live judges and announcers during Sunday of the convention. We will record the stream and re-post on Discord for anyone unable to attend.

Submit your cosplay >

Fan Groups (Discord)

LFG? Find groups and hobbyists of all kinds to connect with.

Gaming (Discord)

Sit down for a scheduled tabletop game, learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons, or pick something out from the library to play. Or sit down with one of the attending game designers to demo an unreleased or legacy title. Also, we’ll be hosting Jack Box party games and much more.

Full gaming schedule coming soon…

Panels (Zoom)

Discuss, gossip, and theorize about every fandom under the sun or learn about the significance of a medium or show.
Interested in hosting a panel, contact

Vendors (Discord)

Shop around, find cool swag, and purchase everything from books from indie authors of all genres to handmade bags, cat ears, and more.

Watch Parties (Discord)

Tune in for a bad movie from the public domain. Watch together, make jokes, have a grand old time.

Workshops (Zoom)

Join in a workshop about writing fantasy and fiction with special guest authors.