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What to do

Engage in your favorite fandoms and hobbies over the course on September 26 and 27 at RoberCon, which takes place within the Roberson Museum and Mansion (that’s right, we have a fancy mansion).

If you’re looking for a convention with a lot of things to do that isn’t over-crowded, RoberCon is your scene. You’ll connect with groups and other fans–no matter your passion or fandom. Accepting all geeks since 2012.

Download The Full Guide from 2019 to get a sense of what to expect during RoberCon 2020. We are prepared to move the convention online, should an in-person setting not be possible.

Cosplay Contest (Sunday Only)

Costumes are highly encouraged the entire weekend of RoberCon. However, during the second day of the convention, there’s a cosplay contest. Show off your hard work, get recognition, win prizes!

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Exhibitor Halls

Two halls dedicated to swag and sundries: Books, cat ears, collectibles, toys, and more. Plus, amazing community members if you’re LFG.

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Sit down for a scheduled tabletop game, learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons, or pick something out from the library to play. Or sit down with one of the attending game designers to demo an unreleased or legacy title.

Full gaming schedule coming soon…


Discuss, gossip, and theorize about every fandom under the sun or learn about the significance of a medium or show.

Interested in hosting a panel, contact

Panel schedule coming soon…

Planetarium Shows

There are so many questions and challenges space has to offer. Could asteroids hold the key to humanity’s expansion and survival on other worlds? What makes our sun so special?

Come explore space’s wondrous opportunities and dangers during several planetarium shows during RoberCon.


Join in a workshop about writing fantasy and fiction, crafting chainmaille, and getting into creating and publishing a zine or indie comic.


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