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Costume Contest

The costume contest is divided into four categories based on age, experience level, and number of participants: Youth (age 14 and under), Novice (ages 15+), Expert (winners of two or more costume contests at other conventions), and Group (includes two or more people).

A Winner and runner up will be declared in each of the three categories.

The costume contest is currently scheduled for Sunday at 2 – 4PM.

A few notes on cosplay:  Any weapons made of metal will not be allowed into the convention. 

Weapons made of heavy wood will also not be allowed. Basically, if you were to accidentally knock someone in the head with your prop, would it smart? If so, it’s not allowed in. 

Guns must have an orange cap over the barrel. 

No nudity, please. 

Also, we want everyone to feel comfortable at RoberCon, so please be mindful and don’t touch or take pictures of someone unless given permission to do so. 

2017 RoberCon winners from the Expert category.
Photos by Pavlik Photos and Design (a supporter of RoberCon 2018)

Thank you to GHS for sponsoring this year’s Cosplay Contest