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Want to learn how to jump-start your podcast or build a tense horror narrative? RoberCon has a few workshops where you can connect with other creators and get the tools you need to take your craft to the next level.

This year we’re offering writing and podcasting workshops throughout the convention.

Writing Workshops

Guest of Honor, David B. Coe – Fantasy. Take your readers to another realm of possibilities, but one ultimately of conflict. Let’s get fantastical!

Nancy Holzner – Let’s go on a journey somewhere different–to a world that’s like ours, only it might be occupied by inhuman creatures. Build your world, set your hero loose within, and let conflict ensue.  

C.W. Briar and Kevin Lucia – Let’s creep a little. Kevin and Chuck will be getting into art of horror: how do you create tension for your reader and what makes a good horror story? 

Paul Smith – Writing middle-grade fantasy! He’ll be teaching budding young writers, ages 8+, how to start crafting their first pieces of literature.


Podcasting Workshops 

Ocho Duro Parlay Hour – Who is your podcast for? What makes your podcast different? Learn the basics of how to start a podcast and learn from those who are currently doing it right here in Binghamton.

Saturday the 28th 11AM  – 1PM: 607podcasts 3 Fat Nerds Podcast and the Ocho Duro Parlay Hour will be doing panels

Sunday the 29th: “So you wanna be a podcaster?” workshop featuring members of ODPH, 3FN & Horror Zone 607!

Schedule coming soon…